Freelance 3D Designer

Hi I am Tim van der Wiel and I am a freelance 3D Designer/Artist going strong since 2004 and have worked for several global clients like: Nike, Adidas, AbnAmro, Philips, Samsung, Heineken, Grolsch, TomTom, Bugaboo, Volvo, Akzo Nobel, TheNextWeb, Unilever,VolksWagen and TED

I like to work on projects with a graphical twist, participate closely with art directors and be part of the early creative process. My specialty lies in creating a unique look and feel for you and your client. My experience also contains a lot of technicall know how to streamline otherwise huge workloads.

Production Companies and agencies I worked for:

The Panics (formerly Postpanic), PlusOne, Woodwork, Addikt, Dept, Popcornbrain, TWBA, Dumbar, Total Design (formerly Koeweiden Postma), Achtung, Sunshine & Sausages, Alfred and Aghtung mcGarryBowen

My software weapons of choice are

Cinema 4d

Redshift Render

After Effects

Please check out my work and if you like it, feel free to leave me a message.