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Custom Big Screen Animation for Razer’s New Office in Singapore

Razer, a global leader in gaming hardware and software, recently opened a new office in Singapore featuring a special Razer store on the ground floor. To enhance the entrance lobby's visual appeal, they sought a custom animation for a massive screen surrounding the elevator access.

Charlie Bolton from Razer’s Singapore office contacted me via Instagram to create this animation. The goal was to design an engaging animation that fit the screen’s unique specifications and aligned with Razer's brand identity, incorporating a triangular pattern reflective of Razer's design language.

To meet Razer's requirements, I followed these steps:

1. Understanding the Brand: I ensured the animation reflected Razer’s high-performance, vibrant, and futuristic aesthetics, focusing on their heavy use of triangles.
2. Specifications and Measurements: I gathered precise measurements to tailor the animation to the screen’s dimensions.
3. Concept Development: I designed a triangular pattern animation that seemed to move in perspective concordance with the average viewer, enhancing the immersive experience.
4. Day and Night Versions: I created two versions of the animation: a bright, energetic version for daytime and a darker, more subdued version for nighttime.
5. Custom Creation: Using advanced software, I developed a seamless loop animation that dynamically shifted with the viewer's perspective.
6. Review and Feedback: I collaborated closely with Charlie and the Razer team, incorporating their feedback to perfect the animation.
7. Implementation: The final animations were tested and adjusted for optimal display on the large screen.

The resulting animations were a success, enhancing the lobby's visual appeal and reflecting Razer's brand. Visitors and employees experienced a dynamic, immersive visual display that set the tone for innovation, both during the day and at night.

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Razer Singapore: Video
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